Friday, April 23, 2010

Madras Institute of Magnetobiology says electromagnetic field can boost algae growth

Various methods are being pursued to boost the growth of algae. One such specific and highly safe, natural approach uses extremely low frequency electro-magnetic fields.
This specific approach uses extremely low frequency magnetic fields on biological systems, resulting in these systems getting exposed to pulsed magnetic field (PMF). An alternating current surging forward and backward in a coil winding generates a magnetic field surging back and forth in the coil along its axis. Such a magnetic field is referred to as the PMF.
Biological systems interact with PMF, and these interactions can be largely grouped under:• Cellular and Tissue Interactions• Membrane properties and ELF signal transduction• Molecular Transport• Stress and survival• Repair and Regeneration
The use of PMF is common in agrobiology where dry seeds of crops, silkworm eggs, , various types of tubers and horticulture plant seeds are exposed to different parametric combinations of pulsed magnetic field for various responses such as enhancing germination, morphological, biochemical and yield aspects.
It has been suggested that microalgae can also be made to interact with a PMF for positive results.
Some of the research efforts made to analyze the effect of electromagnetic field on microalgae suggest that it is possible to enhance the nutrient assimilation of microalgae, thereby increasing the growth rate when placed under electromagnetic field.
Some related references for the positive effect of pulsed magnetic field on algae are given below1. Effects of electromagnetic field on the batch cultivation and nutritional composition of Spirulina platensis in an air-lift photobioreactor.2. Effects of electromagnetic fields on the motion of Euglena gracilisThe use of magnetic fields to influence growth of algae is an interesting research area in its nascent stages.

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